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We will weave your logo and design to the highest quality standards. The result?

A distinctive towel that will make you and your brand stand out from the crowd. 


With the widest choice in weaving techniques, sizes and weights, we are sure to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customers.

For the purpose of producing maximum quality jacquard woven towels, all production is based in Europe.

In addition to this, all manufacturing is in accordance with the OEKO TEX certifications standard.




The weaving process enables an area of flat fabric to be woven into the hem / face of the towel. It is into this flat fabric that the design is woven. Up to 5 colours can be used with a border height of up to 14 cm. Take note that an additional border can be added to the towel.

The advantage of the border jacquard towel is that it’s more cost effective than embroidery. Additionally, the woven design is considerably more defined than embroidery.


Border jacquard towels are best suited for logos and texts adopting the configuration of a rectangle or for long and narrow logos and texts. That way the logo and texts can be very well accommodated.

Border jacquard towels also enable you to combine different decorative techniques. For example, you can add a relief woven motif to the design and even multicolour jacquard.

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Relief Woven Jacquard Towels. (also commonly known as high-low pile and embossed jacquard)


This option is ideal when a discreet logo is required. There is no limit to the size and positioning of the logo on the towel.

The logo and texts appear as a flat surface where the terry loops are missing.

These towels can be unicolour or multicolour. We use twisted double yarn (two ply terry) to allow for a more exact reproduction of the image.

We can visually sharpen and improve the reproduction of the logo by having the surface of the towel sheared with the result of a velour finish. The reverse side of the towel will retain the standard terry texture loops and remains fully absorbent.


Jacquard woven towels also allow for a combination of different decorative techniques to be incorporated into the same towel. For example, a jacquard woven border / hem and embroidery could be added.


Two colour and multi colour jacquard woven towels are in demand. They are without any doubt the most popular choice.

By weaving from two or more yarn colours, an amazing and visually attractive looking towel can be created.

With an incredibly large branding area, the towel will be a “walking billboard”.  These towels can be combined with relief woven motifs, woven borders, jacquard woven hems / edges, embroidery and so on. There are so many options to take advantage of.


For bi colour / multicolour towels there has to be a maximum of two colours per band. That is, one colour is the weft (left to right) and the other colour is the warp (top to bottom). There are no restrictions on the number of colours to be used. However, there are limitations as to where they can be placed on the towel.


Once we receive your design we will confirm if your design is attainable and put forward some suggestions and other potential possibilities.



These are jacquard woven towels whereby the loops have simply been “cropped” or “sheared” with the result of a soft velour finish.


The purpose of this is to allow the woven design to show up better with more definition.

However, the shearing process will remove some of the towels ability to absorb water.

The reverse side of the velour towel will remain fully absorbent as it maintains its standard terry loops and texture.

Nevertheless, this option is highy desirable for many clients.

Jacquard woven towels