Compressed T Shirt bottle Crema de Alba.

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T-shirts are one of the most popular promotional products available. 


We have added the process of compression to add extra value. Clients are always on the lookout for original promotional products at great prices. In this case, compressed T-shirts are an excellent choice.


The product creates a buzz and gets customers talking. It adds extra value and appeal to your brand, is cost effective and affordable.


To see the true value of a compressed T-shirt we suggest you to click on the section: Successful Case Studies.

Or see the case studies at the bottom of this page.


Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards with quick lead times from only 2 weeks. Urgent orders are always welcome.

The product is cost effective and is available from 100 units.


Compressed T Shirt alongside bottle

Compressed T Shirt Microsoft

As used by Microsoft

Compressed T Shirt Microsoft 3
Compressed T Shirt Indasa 3

Designed to send by post

Compressed black T shirt 6
Compressed black T shirt

Vibrant colours and quality printing

Compressed black T shirt 2
Compressed black T shirt 8

Bespoke made bottles

Compressed black T shirt 9
Compressed black T shirt 12
Compressed T Shirt

Sports car shape

Compressed T Shirt Car (4)

2 printed carton inlays included

Compressed T Shirt Car (2)

The highest quality compression guaranteed!

Compressed T Shirt Car (3)

Fastest production lead times from only 10 days!

Compressed T Shirt Car (5)
compressed Tshirts
Coca Cola 3

Coca Cola compressed T Shirt

Coca Cola 9

High quality compression and film used

Coca Cola 16

Quality carton inserts

Coca Cola 28

Simply wet the T Shirt for it to expand to its original size

Coca Cola 31
Coca Cola 35

High quality printing

Coca Cola 40
Compressed Christmas tree T Shirt 2

The popular Christmas tree shape

Compressed T Shirt Ghostbusters 4D

Ghostbusters 4D

Compressed T Shirt Ghostbusters 4D 2
Compressed T Shirts PS4

Popular for the Gaming industry.

Compressed T Shirt Brake Pads 2

Brake pads shape

Compressed T Shirt Brake Pads 3

Brake pads

Compressed T Shirt POST IT

Popular rectangle shape for simulating a book or post card.

Compressed T Shirt POST IT 2

Offset printed cartons!

Compressed T Shirt POST IT 3

Neon colours possible

Compressed T Shirt Pepsi 2

Beverage can shape

Compressed T Shirt Can SanPellegrino

One of the

Compressed T Shirt POST IT 11


Compressed T Shirt Can Estrella Galicia.

As used by Estrella Galicia and other famous breweries

Compressed T Shirt Pepsi 3
Compressed T Shirt bottle RON BARCELO 2.

Custom made bottle shapes

Compressed T Shirt Four Leaf Clover

Four leaf clover

Compressed T Shirt Four Leaf Clover 4
Compressed T Shirt bottle Crema de Alba.

CNC moulds mean high precision quality compression!

Compressed T Shirt London Bus 5

London bus

Compressed T Shirt London Bus 3
Compressed T Shirt mustard bottle 4

Mustard bottle

Compressed T Shirt mustard bottle 3
Compressed T Shirt ketchup bottle 3

Ketchup bottle

Compressed T Shirt ketchup bottle 2
Compressed T Shirt tomato


Compressed T Shirt can Jim Beam 2

As used by Jim Beam

Compressed T Shirt Brake Pads Woking
Compressed T Shirt Brake Pads 4
Compressed T Shirt apple 2

Apple shape

Compressed T Shirt London taxi 2

London taxi

Compressed T Shirt grapefruit

Fruit shape

Compressed T Shirt light bulb 2

Light bulb

Compressed T Shirt Compex

Compex Energy

Compressed T Shirt DVD

DVD shape

Compressed T Shirt DVD 4

Successfully used by AMC Networks

Compressed T Shirt butterfly


Compressed T Shirt POST IT 14
Compressed T Shirt Manchester City

Manchester City

Compressed T Shirt Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club

Compressed T Shirt Manchester City 4

Manchester City

Compressed T Shirt POST IT 15
Compressed T Shirt POST IT 16
Compressed T Shirt Mercedes SL

Mercedes SL

Compressed T Shirt TED

Helped launch the movie TED

Compressed T Shirt TED 2

High quality printing for both the T Shirt and cartons

Compressed T Shirt TED 3
Compressed T Shirt TED 4
Compressed T Shirt TED 5
Compressed T Shirt Bayer
Compressed T Shirt Mecca
Compressed T Shirt Southampton Football
Compressed O2 T shirts 3

02 Compressed T Shirts

Compressed T Shirt Crema de Alba
All new outer branded box.

Branded box containing a compressed T-Shirt inside.

Outer box.

With easy opening and closing to display inner products.

Compressed T-Shirts.

A popular choice amongst Football Clubs.

Beer can shape.

Popular for the beer and beverage markets.

Oil drum shaped compressed shape.

Designed to compress a small hand towel or pair of socks.

Compressed T-Shirts in over 100 different shapes

How it works. T-Shirt can be printed in up to full colour in as many positions as you wish.

Christmas compressed T-Shirt

Post It T-Shirt or towel fits into any post booth!

Perrier compressed T Shirt

As used by Perrier.

Compressed t shirts 37

DVD shaped compressed T-Shirt. FEAR THE WALKING DEAD front side.

Personalized compressed textiles by Kingly (22)

As used by Coca Cola.

Personalized compressed textiles by Kingly (91)

High quality screenprinting guaranteed.

Compressed t shirts


Mind the Gap compressed T-Shirt

Mind the Gap!

Compressed T-Shirt in the TENNIS BALL shape

Versatile round shape.

Compressed t shirts 6

PS4 shaped T-Shirts.

Compressed T-Shirts in the beverage can shape_edited

The beverage can shape made to the real size of a can.

Venom compressed T-Shirt_edited

Any types of shapes can be made.

Compressed T-shirt in gthe shape of an electronic device

Example of a bespoke shape made for COMPEX.

Compressed Tshirts

Four colour process print on dark garments a reality.

Compressed T Shirt POST IT

Post It T-Shirt saves 60% on postage costs thanks to its compact size.

Compressed T-shirt in the shape of a special bottle

Bottle shapes are popular and used by the worlds leading brands.

Compressed T-shirt in the shape of a beer bottle

Corona successfuly used the product at point of sale.

Compressed T-shirt in the shape of a narrow rectangle 70 x 150 mm

Many rectangle shapes available.

Compressed T Shirt (10)

Aquarius compressed T-Shirt in the shape of a beverage can.

Compressed T Shirt (7)

Coca Cola beverage can.

Compressed T Shirt (11)

Fanta use the product since 2016.

Compressed T Shirt (9)

Coca Cola zero.

Compressed T Shirt (4)

Christmas tree shape.

Compressed Towel or T-shirt in the round shape

Compressed T-Shirt in the shape of a tennis ball.

White T-shirt printed in four colour process and compressed into a custom made shape

Iberdrola / Scottish Power bespoke shape.


COMPACT T-SHIRTS AND TOWELS IN THE MOVIES Did you enjoy the hit movies THE MATRIX, STAR WARS, ARMAGEDDON and INDEPENDENCE DAY? How about SONS OF ANARCHY and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD? They all have something in common.  They all used compact T-shirts and towels to assist in promoting the movie.

Compressed T-Shirt rectangular

HANSON They launched a promotion at trade fairs which would allow them to give potential new customers a reason to buy from them. Everybody loves free gifts and in this case, the compressed T-shirt was a hit. This encouraged potential new clients to log on to the Hanson web page to learn more about their products. Benefits? Encourages customer loyalty. Increases traffic to the web site.


BOSCH They were on the lookout for an exciting and engaging promotional product that could fit into one of their  power tool boxes. A custom made shape was produced in different shapes. Benefits?  Its compact and flat shape means you can put it anywhere.


AEG They decided to send gifts to their distributors as a ‘Thank you’ at various occasions throughout the year. “The standard of packaging was another ‘tick in the box’ and the outcome of the promotion was a resounding success" (as commented by AEG)

Compressed Tshirts

ESTRELLA GALICIA They used the product as an on pack promotion and at trade fairs. its been successfully used since 2009. Benefits? Compact, flat and easy to vacuum pack. A space saver at point of sale.


TRIDENT A free compact T-shirt was given to visitors  at Trade Shows.  The result was an increase in sales leads. Benefits? A space saver, thanks to its compact size. Compact T-shirts and towels are hugely popular as they help the event to have a sustainable impact in the memories of the attendees.


CNN They urgently required 250 gifts for a conference in Dubai.  The problem? They had only 12 days. The solution?  The compact towel. The compressed T-Shirts were delivered on time. The gift created a buzz and gave the staff a lift in motivation. Benefits? Eye catching product. Quick turnaround on orders.  Cheaper transport costs due to its compact size.

Sunglasses Shape

CARRERA They ran the promotion “Buy a pair of sunglasses and receive a free compact T-shirt” Benefits? During the promotion, sales of sunglasses soared by 30%. Carrera repeated the order three times and continue to do so today.


RUSSIAN NATIONAL ICE HOCKEY TEAM Sports T-shirts were printed with their logo and compressed into the mini T-shirt shape. These were given away at all events. Benefits? Great product for creating goodwill, promoting the team and gaining a higher attendance at all events.


LUCOZADE Sports towels have always been a popular choice with this customer. On this occasion, they decided to uprade to compact sports towels. They felt they needed something with added value and appeal.  Benefits? Adds excitement to promotions, engages  customers. A real “attention grabber”.

Cologne White

STELLA McCARTNEY Even one the worlds leading fashion brands loves this product. In this case, Stellas new cologne bottle was launched alongside the compressed bottle,  an almost identical replica of the original. Inside was a 100% organic printed cotton T-shirt printed in four colour process. Benefits?  Adds a whole lot of value in comparison to a plain printed T-shirt for less money. An almost exact replica of the actual product almost confuses the client into thinking it's the real thing.

Corona compressed T Shirt

CORONA Used for give aways at events, parties and point of sale.  The compressed T-shirts and towels were distributed throughout Europe, the US and Mexico. Benefits? Hugely popular product and accepted by all resulting in memorable promotions.

Iberdrola compressed T-Shirt

IBERDROLA They required an organic promotional product and opted for the compressed T-shirt. A bespoke shape was manufactured in the shape of their logo with 2 biodegradable insert cards. Benefits? Original, exclusive and unique.  A product which is less contaminating for the  environment.

Personalized compressed T-Shirt

COCA COLA They were delighted with the outcome of their first promotion that soon after, they ordered branded T-shirts and towels in the shapes of Burn energy drink, Fanta, Powerade and Nordic Mist. Benefits? Competitively priced, exclusive custom shapes, easy to distribute, adding value to the brand. With dozens of orders placed, this can mean only one thing.