The type of towel to be used will depend on the number of colours in the design and the quantity.


Towels with a cotton composition can be compressed.

Microfiber towels cannot be compressed.

To view a comprehensive range of towel types click the PDF link.

The product consists of a cotton towel compressed into a compact shape that fits into the palm of your hand.

A printed carton inlay is applied to each side of the compressed towel and is then shrink wrapped.


Almost any size of towel can be compressed.

There are many options. 

- Printed border towels.

- Printed velour towels with edge to edge printing.

- Jacquard woven towels and so much more!


Sizes include 30 x 50, 50 x 50, 50 x 90, 70 x 140 and 100 x 150 cm

They are produced in Europe to the highest quality standards from

only 18 working days.


How does it work?

Simply remove the shrink wrapping and carton inlays.

Place the towel in water for a short while until the towel expands to its original size.

Alternatively just place directly into the washing machine. 

The compressed towel, once soaked in water or washed has a 100 % recuperation for both the towel and the branding.

A strict quality control verification check is implemented throughout the production to ensure total customer satisfaction.


For example, a client orders 1.000 compressed Towels.

The client will receive 1.000 perfectly compressed towels. No fuss. No concerns.