We offer the following types of screen printing:


-From 1 to 8 spot colour printing on white garments using mostly water based inks resulting in a soft hand / feel.


-Four colour process printing onto white garments: 


-Photographic reproduction onto dark garments using a special silk screen separation up to 10 colours using plastisol inks or discharge printing.


-Screen printing with glossy finish: 

After a garment is printed we apply a special laminate to create a super glossy finish.


-Discharge printing: Creates an ultra soft print onto dark garments.

Discharge printing is a method of printing where a colour destroying agent is screen printed onto the garment which in essence extracts the dyed fabric colour.

Compressed black T shirt 4

Whatever the design, Kingly will guarantee the highest print quality

Compressed black T shirt 2
T-Shirt printing.
T-Shirt printing

Notice the fine detail.

T-Shirt printing.

Crisp and sharp print designs.



Printed T-Shirts 3

Premium screen print onto dark T-Shirts.

8 colour selection zoomed in

Notice the quality as we zoom in.

3 colour separation

Setting the standards in high quality printing.

Custom made T-Shirts (62)

From 1 spot colour printing.

Custom made T-Shirts (59)

Super print quality.

Custom made T-Shirts (20)

Stay fast printing.

Personalized compressed textiles by Kingly (91)

Crisp and vibrant colours.

Top quality

As used by Coca Cola for 6 years straight.

Puff printing (2)

Puff printing.

Puff printing (1)

Puff printing.

Creative T-Shirt printing (9)

Jumbo size printing.

Example of spot colour printing on a white T-shirt_edited

Spot colour printing onto white T-Shirts.

Creative T-Shirt printing (13)

Quality printing.

Compressed Tshirts

Four colour process on dark garments.

Neon pigments for screenprinting

Neon pigments for fluorescent printing.